You are the expert in your own business. That's why we are committed to understanding your specific needs before helping you tackle your biggest challenges. We offer a range of options to help you engage more effectively with your most valuable customers. 

Let's put our heads together to find a solution for you!   

Attract Customers,

Convert Them to Buyers, 

& Keep Them Coming Back.

At Buycology, we know shoppers.

We are experts in the human sciences who know how to engage and motivate shoppers through winning retail strategies, communications, and customer experiences.

We are experienced retail consultants, strategists, trainers, and mentors who understand the realities of day-to-day retail.

Our aim is to help your business thrive through sound, psychology-based insights, advice, and strategies designed around your specific needs and challenges.


How Can We Help You? 

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Learn from the best.

Whether in-person or online,

our Founder, Dr. Chris, is an engaging, and thought-provoking speaker and a foremost expert on topics of consumer psychology, buying behavior, and retail strategy. 

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Upgrade your strategic know-how, foster innovation, improve consumer engagement, and have fun, too. We use real-world psychology, thought-provoking discussion, and creative problem solving to provide actionable insights and next steps.

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Uncover and make the most of opportunities to strengthen your brand, enhance customer engagement, drive sales, and grow your business.

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Unlock your business's potential with guidance from seasoned experts in consumer behavior, shopper insights, retail strategy, branding, marketing, and merchandising.


Shopping behavior is always a means to emotional ends.

Understanding those ends opens the opportunity for influence.  

— Dr. Chris Gray, Buycology Founder & Lead Behaviorist

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Real-World Psychology for Game-Changing Retail

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